Olympic Onion Rings

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Got Olympic fever? Onion has long been used as a remedy for numerous conditions including the cold & the flu. Consider this easy-to-make onion ring recipe as a cure, which can also… Read More »

Trinidad Callaloo

Trinidad Callaloo

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Our national dish, callaloo, is representative of Trinidad and Trinis themselves. It embodies our identity- our unity, warmth and strength. This rich soup can stand independently or complement a perfect local Sunday… Read More »

Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

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What better food to curl up on your couch with in rainy weather than a good soup! Here we have a mouth watering easy soup that you can… Read More »

Dumpling with saltfish & tomato

Dumpling with Saltfish & Tomato

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Thinking about the flavours offered in this meal will definitely give an immediate appetite to anyone who’s not sure what they want to eat. This mouth-watering local creation blends salty, savoury, acidic… Read More »

Stew Chicken

‘Stew’ Chicken

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Following up on our Sunday lunch, we need to have some gravy to go with that macaroni pie! Nothing better than a good ‘Stew’ chicken. If you aren’t Trini or… Read More »