There comes a time in every Trini’s life where there is a need for a good home cooked dish, that will cure the homesick feeling when you are abroad. Even if its for a day a month or even years, something about Trini food makes you remember the good ole days.

The first thing that you hear when you ask someone for a recipe is “Yuh doh have ah Naparima Cookbook ?” Well for the fortunate few, they travel with one in their suitcase! For the rest of us, this website is here to help. We provide simple Trini recipes and we stand by that. No extra this and fancy that! We get right to the point with the same ingredients used back home, plain and simple.

You may have to substitute a little thing now and again but the main dish remains the same. So enough reading and onto that home made dish you are so “feelin for”!

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